Dramatic Pictures

Photography is an art form, so infusing the right amount of drama into your images is just the master touch that will take your photos from attractive to amazing. Dramatic images are exhilarating and fire up the imagination of your audience. In short, they do wonders for how your images are received by your audience. What are silhouettes if not mysterious? Anything that’s mysterious and gives off a sense of the evocative will add drama in an instant to your photography, which is why silhouettes are such a smart technique to use. The simple-though-effective outline of a familiar shape – whether that’s a person or an object – plays both sides of the field. It’s mysterious enough because the viewer doesn’t know the exact details, but he can generally understand what the element is in your picture.

Believe it or not, striking colors can greatly affect an image’s sense of drama. Vibrant colors may not exactly be what you’re thinking of when you think of dramatic, but they have their place. The thing is that colors set the emotional backdrop for your audience. As such, being very selective about the colors that make it into your final shot can be of great help when trying to make a shot more dramatic. For instance, if you’re shooting a forest of trees with the light just slightly filtering through the dense layer of leaves and tree trunks, take the shot when the natural light is strongest to really highlight the green colors of the forest. Should there also be a dirt trail or path – as a way to use leading lines for a focal point – it helps if it’s a bold, brown color as well. Drama doesn’t just have to be about making your picture darker for extra mood; it can also be dramatic when you have vivid colors to make an impact on your audience.

This expands on the tip above to use dark skies to bring drama to your shots. You can take this darkening and apply it to most any situation, even indoors, if you just take away the light in your images. The more you take away the light, the more you get shadows, which add drama. Psychologically, it deprives the audience of as much as they’d like to see, making it a great technique to use. Of course, you can’t take away the light totally, or else you’d just have a black frame. It’s actually the contrast with dark and light that creates the greatest drama.

Photography is probably one of the few areas in life in which creating more drama is actually a good and beneficial thing. As you can see, there are numerous techniques you can depend on to incorporate more of the dramatic in your shots. Adding drama to photography is always a win since it persuades your audience to look at your shots with added interest and attention. It’s because they’re trying to make sense of what’s either mysterious or strongly implied by the reduction of light. As a photographer, you want to give your audience a reason to stick around and do more than just give your images a passing glance. Drama done right in your images accomplishes this to a wonderful effect.